Skidmore tension calibrator


During your pre-installation procedure, the verification of the installation method is often necessary and required by your customer... by performing this test, you avoid costly take-overs and re-inspection!

Our qualified staff can help you carry out these tests and even offer you on-site service.

With this test you will be able to:

  • check if your assemblies meet the minimum tension specifications
  • check if your torque wrenches are correctly calibrated
  • check if your "TC" type fasteners are correctly calibrated
  • check if you have the right installation tools and equipment
  • be conform to MTQ requirements by providing the following data:
  • initial tension (snug tight condition)
  • tension at final tightening
  • tension at additional 30° rotation

All our assemblies are tested according to current standards including the ROCAP TEST rotative capacity test.
Desormeau Industries is committed to delivering a tested and approved product!